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Darko SojakHi, my name is Darko.

Growing up in Southeast Europe, I remember swimming in the blue Adriatic waters, savoring home-cooked meals, exploring quiet villages, and venturing into the mountains. This was a place of family, beauty, warmth, replete with history. These memories have been etched forever onto my young heart.

As an adult, I answered the call of the sea — to see the world and distant places — but, as my homeland's coast disappeared from view, I promised never to forget my memories of this amazing land.

Many years later, America became my home, but Croatia, Bosnia and all of magical Southeast Europe have always spoken to my soul.
I created Wandertrail Tours & Hiking Adventures so that others who value travel could experience Southeast Europe's warmth and experience her stories for themselves.

If you love meaningful travel, then journey with Wandertrail Tours and let Southeast Europe share her warmth with you. You might even carry home a few of her tales in your heart.

Why Choose Us?

Here at Wandertrail Tours we do things a bit different.

Even when visiting major destinations, we try to avoid tourist crowds. Accessing secluded viewpoints enables us to gain a unique insight into these spectacular regions. Selection of our itineraries draws upon some of Europe's most inspiring landscapes, great networks of trails, and famous national parks, showcasing local communities along the way.

Each adventure is guided by experienced leaders with local knowledge, professionalism, and a passion for the outdoors.

Our tours typically include daily hiking, great diverse accommodations, luggage transfers, local culinary experiences and more. Depending on the season we also offer Adriatic island-hopping hiking tours and waterfall multi-sport tours that include hiking, cycling, kayaking, rafting and more.
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We are passionate nature enthusiasts proud to provide sustainable travel practices, an excellent safety record, great guides and outstanding service.

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